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Commercial Design

You may have noticed how some stores have a certain appeal that makes everyone spend time there, while some stores are either forgettable or depressing.

From retail spaces to movie hall designs, every commercial space requires a good display. A good commercial design can totally change the overall feel of your business.

Modern interio grasps the brand’s objective, chooses a theme, and then we use our skills and experience to mix with the mission and ethos of the company to create the perfect atmosphere that is bound to attract customers and make them maintain loyalty.

Just like big stores create model spaces to showcase their products and attract passerby. Interior designers in Bhilai are engaged in creating and remodeling existing spaces in the retail and entertainment sector.


We understand that a store’s retail design reflects the brand. We have years of experience in making your merchandise look its best and encourage customers to purchase it. We take advantage of all the space that you have paid for – windows, walls, drive-through area. By applying creativity to these spaces we make them unique and amplify your message.

Our interior designers in Bhilai Chhattisgarh know how to entice, excite, reassure and accommodate a wide variety of desires and expectations. Our designer’s multi-focus on lights, furniture, installations, flooring, and customer traffic flow, storage and appeal that results in commercial designs as dynamic as the brand itself. We foster a collaborative effort to bring together collective knowledge of trends, aesthetics, and functionality to develop unique ideas and commercial design every time.

We consider every touch points and put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to design memorable environments that will delight and encourage return visits. Every design is implemented through flawless execution between documentation and construction process. This ensures the design intent is achieved.

Whether large or small, our commercial design experience, observation of customer behavior and our love for details results in unique store experience from every client.

The power of visual branding is extremely valuable to any successful retailer. Contact us to receive a unique and effective commercial design.