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Residential Design

We are all about helping our clients achieve their lifestyle dreams. We take pride in creating extraordinary spaces – sustainable livable homes that transform as a family grows…
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Office Design

Imagine spaces that empower workplace processes. As a leading interior design company in Bhillai, we specialize in corporate office interior design. Our years of experience ensure your premises…
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Commercial Design

Our commercial design blends perfectly with the personality of our corporate client. Our design communicates the corporate message, the feel, and brand identity. We understand that each commercial space…
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Interior Designers In Bhilai
Interior Expertise

With more than a decade of combined experience, Modern Interio has the mastery to improve your favorite room or your entire home. You can expect the full force of expertise from our interior designers in Bhilai – from space and layout planning to color coordination, from fabric selection to furniture placement, our team has you covered.

Awards Winning

Modern Interio is an award-winning interior designing firm from Bhillai. Since 2006, we have evolved from a fusion office to a dynamic powerhouse consisting of visionary professionals creating fresh, unique, cutting-edge interior design. Our firm has broad experience with private residential homes, commercial projects, and modern homes in Chhattisgarh.

Reasonable Price

Interior designs in Chhattisgarh have never been so affordable and easy to give your space the look you desire. We give you high-quality services without breaking your bank. Let us show you how!

Free Consultation

Free interior design consultation! That’s right; our interior designers in Chhattisgarh offer their expertise to customers free of charge – the first consultation. Take advantage and get clarity in the direction you want to go with your newly built project or renovation. Relax! There is no obligation during this no-hassle, no-strings consultation.

24 / 7 Support

From emails to phone calls, there are many ways to stay connected with our interior designers in Bhillai. We also have a beautiful studio where we can have meetings. We believe if a problem arises, they are best handled quickly. You can contact us anytime to discuss important issues.

Free Guaranteed Works

We give warranty to all our interior design products against any manufacturing defects, along with prompt post interior project services. You can rest assured that your peace of mind is guaranteed forever once you engage with Modern Interio team for any interior design project in Chhattisgarh.

Awards Winning Interior Design

Modern Interio has completed award winning projects throughout the Chattisgarh. Comprehensive pre-construction planning is Modern Interio’s specialty, which continually results in happy clients, and beautiful, comfortable interior environments. Modern Interio’s design teams approach each project by keeping their client’s vision, needs and budget as top priorities. The team of designers is equipped to create design solutions for both commercial and residential projects. To find the best interior designers in India, look no further than Modern Interio.

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Interior Designers In Bhilai

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